Della - Reese, Della
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1996 (CD) 74321 415012
Start@ArtistInstr.Suggested By(:Rating)
Lady is A Tramp Quickstep 2:41 Reese, Della
You're Driving Me Crazy Slow Foxtrot 2:31 /30.8 Reese, Della
GNL 8/10
Three O'Clock In the Morning Foxtrot 3:09 Reese, Della
Thou Swell Slow Foxtrot 2:28 Reese, Della
I'm Beginning To See the Light Slow Foxtrot 2:27 Reese, Della
What's the Reason (I'm Not Pleasin') Slow Foxtrot 2:40 Reese, Della
Moon Love Slow Foxtrot 2:59 0:25 Reese, Della
Blue Skies Quickstep 1:49 Reese, Della
GNL 8/10
Have You Ever Been Lonely (Have You Ever Been Blue) Slow Foxtrot 2:53 Reese, Della
I'll Get By Slow Foxtrot 2:39 Reese, Della
Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone Quickstep 2:15 Reese, Della
Don't You Know Foxtrot 2:36 Reese, Della

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