Della Della Cha Cha Cha - Reese, Della
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1990 (CD) 886 828-919
Start@ArtistInstr.Suggested By(:Rating)
Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend Cha Cha 2:52 /35.5 Reese, Della
GNL 6/10
Come On-A-My House Cha Cha 2:48 35 Reese, Della
GNL 7/10
Why Don't You Do Right Cha Cha 2:45 30 Reese, Della
JD 3.5/4 Yet another from the '60s album, one of the better ones
GNL 5/10
My Heart Belongs to Daddy Cha Cha 2:39 31.5 Reese, Della
JD 3/4 Another '60s classic, still good
GNL 5/10
Let's Do It Cha Cha 2:27 32.8 Reese, Della
GNL 6/10
Whatever Lola Wants Cha Cha 3:12 28 Reese, Della
JD 2.5/4 Another from the '60s album. Slinky sultry vocal
GNL 5/10
Daddy Cha Cha 2:39 /29.5 Reese, Della
JD 4/4 Great recording from the '60s
GNL 10/10
Tea For Two Cha Cha 2:09 31.5 Reese, Della
JD 3/4 Another all time classic piece
GNL 4/10
Always True to You in My Fashion Cha Cha 3:14 34 Reese, Della
JD 2.5/4 Recorded in the '60s, still good, a little fast
GNL 5/10
It's So Nice to Have a Man Around Cha Cha 2:37 25 Reese, Della
GNL 4/10
There's a Small Hotel Cha Cha 2:13 29.5 Reese, Della
JD 2.5/4 Another from the '60s album, not the best, but OK
GNL 5/10
Love for Sale Cha Cha 2:21 34.5 Reese, Della
GNL 3/10

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