Down In Birdland - Manhattan Transfer

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Start@ArtistInstr.Suggested By(:Rating)
Trickle Trickle 
Jive Manhattan Transfer
BS  Excellent Jive
GNL 10/10
West Coast Swing Manhattan Transfer
GNL 8/10
Helpless East Coast Swing 38 Manhattan Transfer
Ray's Rockhouse 
West Coast Swing Manhattan Transfer
BS  good West Coast Swing
Baby Come Back to Me (The Morse Code of Love) 
Jive Manhattan Transfer
BS  very nice Swing/Jive
GNL 8/10
Speak Up Mambo 
Cha Cha Manhattan Transfer
JD 4/4 Great high energy vocal with strong rhythm
BS  excellent Cha Cha
GNL 8/10
Boy From New York City 
Jive 38 Manhattan Transfer
BS  good Swing
GNL 8/10
Four Brothers 
Quickstep 50 Manhattan Transfer
JD 3/4 Jazzy vocal harmony, rhythm good with lots of highlights and changes
BS  good Quickstep
A Gal in Calico 
Foxtrot 33 Manhattan Transfer
BS  American Style Fox Trot
GNL 8/10
Love for Sale 
Foxtrot Manhattan Transfer
GNL 6/10
On A Little Street In Singapore 
Slow Foxtrot 30 Manhattan Transfer
JD 4/4 Great harmony vocal with different flavor
BS  Fox Trot
GNL 8/10
Tuxedo Junction 
Slow Foxtrot 28 Manhattan Transfer
BS  International Fox Trot/West Coast Swing
JD 4/4 Great smooth vocal harmony and range of energy
GNL 6/10
That Cat is High 
Quickstep Manhattan Transfer
BS  good Quickstep (?Lindy?)
Down South Camp Meetin' 
Quickstep Manhattan Transfer
BS  Quickstep/Lindy

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