Heavy Juice - Various

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Start@ArtistInstr.Suggested By(:Rating)
It's Obdacious West Coast Swing 2:32 34 Piccolo, Brian
JD 3.5/4 Big blues band, male vocal with good sax breaks
Baby I'm Gone West Coast Swing 3:11 35 Piccolo, Greg
JD 3/4 Male vocal and sax, blues triplet rhythm, sort of raucous
Highballin' Daddy East Coast Swing 2:39 39 Piccolo, Greg
JD 4/4 Great high energy rock/shuffle with strong male vocal and szx
Brothers Jug's Sermon West Coast Swing 3:26 32 Piccolo, Greg
JD 3.7/4 Strong sax solo, big blues band instrumental, high energy

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