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(CD) CD-CM 012
Start@ArtistInstr.Suggested By(:Rating)
Batuca Gum Samba 52 Q & Q
Move Baby Move Samba 53 Sartorello Forniture
GNL 4/10 Badly distorted due to time stretching
Mambo Tropical Samba 52 Los Chicos
Ritmo De Bom Bom Samba 52/52 2:28 Jubaba
GNL  Start @ 2:28
Watermelon Man Cha Cha 30/30.5 Santamaria, Mongo
JD 3/4 A classic from the '60s. Has breaks in rhythm
GNL 7/10
Buddy Love Cha Cha 32 Matt Bianco
GNL 9/10
Dig It Cha Cha 32 Disco Circus
Can't Stop This Feeling Cha Cha 32 Matt Bianco
Stardust Bolero 23 Humperdinck, Engelbert
Emotion Bolero 24 Sang, Samanta
Going In With My Eyes Open Rumba 25 Soul, David
Without the Love Rumba 26 China Crisis
Vamos Amigos Paso Doble 60/60 Champagne
Over And Over Jive 43 Day, Bobby
Fools Fall In Love Jive 43 Sharpe, Rocky
Rockin' Robin Jive 43 Day, Bobby
Love Love Love Jive 43 Sharpe, Rocky

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