A Tribute To Michael Jackson - Delano, Dennis
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2000 (CD) CD PM 000404
Start@ArtistInstr.Suggested By(:Rating)
Childhood mp3
Waltz 3:35 29 Delano, Dennis
She's Out of My Life mp3
Waltz 3:52 29 Delano, Dennis
Bad mp3
Tango 3:41 32 Delano, Dennis
Thriller mp3
Tango 5:10 32 Delano, Dennis
Little Susie mp3
Viennese Waltz 2:23 58 Delano, Dennis
GNL  Great melody, morbid lyrics
You Are Not Alone mp3
Slow Foxtrot 4:45 29 Delano, Dennis
Girl is Mine mp3
Slow Foxtrot 5:23 29 Delano, Dennis
Farewell My Summer Love mp3
Quickstep 2:13 48 Delano, Dennis
Don't Stop Till You Get Enough mp3
Samba 5:28 53 Delano, Dennis
Billie Jean mp3
Cha Cha 4:36 31 Delano, Dennis
Heal the World mp3
Rumba 4:37 27 Delano, Dennis
One Day In Your Life mp3
Rumba 3:19 24 Delano, Dennis
I Just Can't Stop Loving You mp3
Rumba 4:07 25 0:09 Delano, Dennis
Beat It mp3
Jive 3:50 38 Delano, Dennis
Black and White mp3
Jive 2:37 38 Delano, Dennis
Childhood mp3
Waltz 3:35 29 Delano, Dennis

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