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Fairest Isle Waltz 28 Argenta, Nancy
Moonlight Lament Waltz 28 Lugo
Rilassamento Waltz 28 Pavesi, Gianni
Time For Us Waltz 28 Hill, Vince
I'll See You Again Waltz 28 Love, Geoff
Gartan Mothers Lullaby Waltz 29 Arnold, Linda
Turn Around Waltz 29 James, Kerry
Gymnopedie No. 1 Waltz 29 Ohmen, Wilhelm
There Never Was a Time Waltz 29 Wagner, Chuck
Fascination Waltz 29 London, Julie
Someday My Heart Will Awake Waltz 29 Sylvestor, Victor
Fly Me To the Moon Waltz 29 Washington, Dinah
Blades Of Toledo Tango 32 Sylvestor, Victor
La Yumba Tango 32 De Angelis, Alfredo
Tango Of Fire Tango 32 Sylvestor, Victor
Tango Des Jumeaux Tango 32 Love, Geoff
Spurs Of Gaucho Tango 32 Sylvestor, Victor
Tango Capriccioso Tango 32 Loss, Joe
Temptation Tango 32 Love, Geoff
Tango 65 Tango 32 Smith, Brian
Song Of the Roses Tango 32 Loss, Joe
Burnished Blade Tango 32 Sylvestor, Victor
Blue Tango Tango 32 Love, Geoff
Remprdomiento Tango 32 Sylvestor, Victor
Toledo Tango Tango 32 101 Strings
Autumn Leaves Slow Foxtrot 27 May, Billy
Why Don't You Do Right Slow Foxtrot 29 London, Julie
Song is Ended Slow Foxtrot 29 Ennis, Ethel
Banana Split For My Baby Slow Foxtrot 29 Prima, Lous & Smith, Keely & Butera, Sam
He Riminds Me Of You Slow Foxtrot 29 Southern, Jeri
Must Be Catchin' Slow Foxtrot 29 London, Julie
GNL 8/10
Pussy Cat Slow Foxtrot 29 Coleman, Cy
Don't Look At Me That Way Slow Foxtrot 29 Southern, Jeri
Georgie Girl Slow Foxtrot 29 Monro, Matt
Bicycle Built For Two Viennese Waltz 56 Gaslight Orchestra
Metsakukkia Viennese Waltz 59 Ungar, Jay & Mason, Molly
Theme From "Soong Sisters" Viennese Waltz 59 Victoria Strings
Anniversary Song Viennese Waltz 59 101 Strings
Under Paris Skies Viennese Waltz 59 Carr, Joe Fingers
Storybook Viennese Waltz 59 Eder, Linda
Aux Villes Du Nord Viennese Waltz 59 Colombier, Rene
Night On the Town Quickstep 51 Copacabana Ensemble
Jump Swing Blues Quickstep 51 Jones, Sam
Mambo Jambo Quickstep 51 Love, Geoff
Let's Face the Music and Dance Quickstep 50 Sylvestor, Victor
On the Street Where You Live Quickstep 50 Tarmey, Bill
What is This Thing Called Love Quickstep 50 Smith, Keely
Lovable and Sweet Quickstep 50 Sylvestor, Victor
Perdido Quickstep 50 Vaughan, Sarah
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