Ballroom Sunrise - Premium Standard
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Start@ArtistInstr.Suggested By(:Rating)
Amber-Colored-Waltz Waltz 29/29 P.S.O
Shiretoko Ryojyo Waltz 29 Lei, Lei
GNL 8/10
Reprise Waltz 29 Hollywood Movie Strings
Ground Of Freedom Waltz 29 102 Strings
Waltz Waltz 29 Ortega, Carlos
Encounter With the Wind Tango 32/32 Ortega, Carlos
Opening Theme from 'The Great Detective Mr. Ninzaburo Furuhata' Tango 32/32 Hollywood Movie Strings
Continent Of Passion Tango 32/32 Sexteto Pasion
Shoro Indigo Tango 32 Chaves, Enrico
Always With Me Viennese Waltz 58 Hollywood Movie Strings
GNL 9/10
Ballad Of the Beach Viennese Waltz 58 102 Strings
On A Clear Day Viennese Waltz 59 Hollywood Movie Strings
Takumi Slow Foxtrot 29/29 P.S.O
Auditorium After School Slow Foxtrot 28/28 Giro, Maurice
Whistle Of the Wind Slow Foxtrot 27/28 102 Strings
Murder In Seat Quickstep 51/51 Witty, Bulgy Witty
Sukiyaki Quickstep 51/51 Swing City Giants
GNL 9/10
Shiretoko Ryojyo (inst) Waltz 29 P.S.O

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