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Start@ArtistInstr.Suggested By(:Rating)
Gymnopedie Waltz 29 Taka Dance
Scarborogh Fair/Canticle Waltz 29 Taka Dance
Casta Diva Waltz 29 Taka Dance
Maria (By the Sea) Waltz 29 Taka Dance
Time Is Passing By Waltz 29 Taka Dance
Concierto Para Quinteto Tango 32 Taka Dance
Hernando's Hideaway Tango 32 Taka Dance
Michalangelo '70 Tango 32 Taka Dance
VII Intro Tango 33 Taka Dance
Verano Porto Tango 33 Taka Dance
Sugisarishieniennohobi Slow Foxtrot 28 Taka Dance
Energy Flow Slow Foxtrot 28 Taka Dance
Theme From "Schindler's List" Slow Foxtrot 28 Taka Dance
Nowhere With Love Slow Foxtrot 28 Taka Dance
Cabaret Quickstep 50 Taka Dance
Charade Quickstep 50 Taka Dance

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