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Start@ArtistInstr.Suggested By(:Rating)
Flying Waltz 29 Sean, Cait Agus
GNL 10/10 Just an incredible waltz
Appalachian Lullabye Waltz 28 Brandmeier, Jim
Flying Dreams Waltz 29 Whitehead, Joseph
GNL 9/10
Music Of Your Soul Waltz 29 Poss, Michael
GNL 8/10
Theme From Rudy Waltz 29 Goldsmith, Jerry
Olympic Gold Tango Tango 32/32 101 Strings
Tango For Strings Tango 32/31.8 101 Strings
Serenattela Tango 32/32 101 Strings
Canaro en Paris Tango 32/32 Ortega, Carlos
Annie's Song Viennese Waltz 58 Stanton, Michael
GNL 8/10
Lucky's Waltz Viennese Waltz 59 Hollywood Movie Strings
If Momma Was Married Viennese Waltz 59 Skinner, Emily & Ripley, Alice
Montmatre Viennese Waltz 0:00 58 101 Strings
GNL 8/10
Sand Slow Foxtrot 28 Noll, Christiane
GNL 7/10
One Night At a Time Slow Foxtrot 28/28 Graae, Jason
Everybody Wants To Be a Cat Slow Foxtrot 28/28 Nicastro, Michelle
Until Now Slow Foxtrot 25/28.8 Mayes, Sally
Second Chance Quickstep 50/50.5 Barrett, Brent
Come To the Supermarket Quickstep 50/50.5 Jbara, Gregory
Little Me Quickstep 51/51.5 Skinner, Emily & Ripley, Alice
You're So Right For Me Quickstep 51/51 Larsen, Liz & Viviano, Sal
One Jump Ahead Quickstep 51/51 Nicastro, Michelle

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