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Dark Waltz Waltz 29 Westenra, Hayley
GNL 10/10
Waltz 28 Secret Garden
GNL 10/10 Another great waltz from Secret Garden ("Nocturne")
Anniversary Song Waltz 28 Boone, Pat
Waiting For My Friend Waltz 28 Minelli, Liza
Belonging Waltz 0:00 28 Secret Garden
I Still Call California Home Waltz 29 Allen, Peter
Tango du Reve Tango 32/31.5 Malando
Yira Yira Tango 32/30 Black, Stanley
GNL 4/10
Dreamtango Tango 0:00 32/31.8 Sanders, Bela
El Amenecer Tango 32/32 Black, Stanley
Waltons Viennese Waltz 58 Goldsmith, Jerry
Second Waltz Viennese Waltz 59 Rieu, Andre
Saro Con Te Viennese Waltz 59 Lind, Eva
Tony Viennese Waltz 58 Esther, Pauline
When Your Guy Is Gone Slow Foxtrot 28 Bailey, Pearl
On Green Dolphin Street 
Slow Foxtrot 29/28.8 Eckstine, Billy
JD 4/4 Good vocal and arrangement, smooth vocal with "up" feeling
GNL 8/10
Thank Heaven For Little Girls Slow Foxtrot 29/29.3 Jones, Jack
Lullaby of the Leaves Slow Foxtrot 29/28.8 Eckstine, Billy
JD 4/4 Great rich bass vocal. A favorite of mine
GNL 8/10
Give It Back To the Indians Quickstep 50/49.5 Fitzgerald, Ella
Puttin' On the Pin-strip Suit Quickstep 51 Jones, Sam
Swining' Like Tiger Woods Quickstep 51 Cherry Poppin' Daddies

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