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1997 (CD) CM-CD 014
Start@ArtistInstr.Suggested By(:Rating)
Moon River Waltz 29 Mathis, Johnny
GNL 7/10
My Colouring Book Waltz 29 Williams, Andy
GNL 7/10 Rhythm disappears for a while at the end
Goodfather Waltz Waltz 29 Faith, Percy
May Each Day Waltz 29 Williams, Andy
JD 3/4 warm vocal - a good "last waltz"
Golden Tango Tango 32 Ross, Andy
El Pollito Tango (Argentin) 32 Fresedo, Oswaldo
A Wonderful Guy Viennese Waltz 60 Day, Doris
My Favorite Things Viennese Waltz 60 Williams, Andy
Chim Chim Cher-ee Viennese Waltz 60 Conniff, Ray
Oh What A Feeling Slow Foxtrot 29 Mathis, Johnny
GNL 8/10
Cheek to Cheek Slow Foxtrot 29 Day, Doris
My Kind of Girl Slow Foxtrot 29 Greco, Buddy
GNL 8/10
Odds and Ends Slow Foxtrot 29 Mathis, Johnny
Way You Look Tonight Slow Foxtrot 29 Conniff, Ray
Love Me In the Daytime Quickstep 51 Day, Doris
On A Wonderful Day Like Today Quickstep 51 Mathis, Johnny
GNL 7/10
Dancing With Tears In My Eyes Quickstep 51 Conniff, Ray
A Lovely Night Quickstep 51 Day, Doris

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