Dance Charts Step 4 - DanceHouse

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Start@ArtistInstr.Suggested By(:Rating)
Turn Me On Samba 51 DanceHouse
GNL 8/10
Never Leave You (Uh Ooh, Uh Ooh) Samba 50 DanceHouse
GNL 8/10
Reign Samba 46 DanceHouse
Hole In the Head Cha Cha 31 DanceHouse
GNL 7/10
I Won't Change Cha Cha 30 DanceHouse
Picture Rumba 25 DanceHouse
When We Dance Rumba 25 DanceHouse
Hey Ja! Jive 40 DanceHouse
GNL 8/10
Sweet Dreams (My L.A. Ex) East Coast Swing 33 DanceHouse
Thank You Baby West Coast Swing 29 DanceHouse
Changes Waltz 29 DanceHouse
Don't Give Up Waltz 28 DanceHouse
In Tango Tango 32 DanceHouse
GNL 7/10
Music Is the Key Viennese Waltz 57 DanceHouse
Heart Of Every Girl Slow Foxtrot 29 DanceHouse
Beyond the Sea Slow Foxtrot 29 DanceHouse
Sunrise (the Jazz Mix) Quickstep 50 DanceHouse
GNL 7/10
Forver and For Always Quickstep 50 DanceHouse
GNL 7/10
Irene Foxtrot 50 DanceHouse
Get My Party On Foxtrot 51 DanceHouse
Make Luv Disco Foxtrot 31 DanceHouse
Fast Food Song (UK Edit) Disco Foxtrot 33 DanceHouse

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