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2001 (CD) CDPM 010703
Start@ArtistInstr.Suggested By(:Rating)
Viva La Mam Jive 42 Interrante, Pierro
Safronia B. Jive 42 Bauchwitz, Peter
Hit the Road Jack Real Audio
Jive 43 Hallen, Klaus
GNL 8/10
Da Doo Ron Ron Real Audio
Jive 42 Goldberg, Gaby
GNL 7/10
Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go Real Audio
Jive 42 Friedmann, Vio
Boppin' With the Blues Jive 42 Bauchwitz, Peter
GNL 8/10
Hot Patootie - Bless My Soul Real Audio
Jive 42 Bauchwitz, Peter
GNL 7/10 Feels fast
Barbara Ann Jive 42 Bauchwitz, Peter
Straight Up Real Audio
Jive 42 Hallen, Klaus
BS  good Jive
GNL 8/10
Surfin' USA Jive 42 Bauchwitz, Peter
Pick A Bale O'Cotton Real Audio
Jive 42 Drabe, Louis
GNL 7/10
Walking In Memphis Real Audio
Jive 40 Drescher, Ronnie
Little Cinderella Real Audio
Jive 40 Drabe, Louis
GNL 5/10
Mmbob Jive 40 Faust, Caren
GNL 6/10
Heaven Must Have Sent You Real Audio
East Coast Swing 38 Simons, Ingrid
GNL 5/10
2 Become East Coast Swing 38 Hörster, Vanessa
Edge Of Heaven East Coast Swing 38 Friedmann, Vio
Calcutta Real Audio
East Coast Swing 38 Hallen, Klaus
GNL 4/10 Sounds very silly
Peggy Sue Got Married East Coast Swing 38 Hallen, Klaus
Tearin' Up My Heart East Coast Swing 36 Hallen, Klaus

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