Latin Jam 6 - Fortuna, Andy
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Bilando Boogaloo (Remix) Cha Cha 4:05 Fortuna, Andy
Ay Mujer Cha Cha 3:14 Fortuna, Andy
New Cha Cha Cha Cha 3:57 Fortuna, Andy
Watu; Boogaloo (Remix) Cha Cha 5:05 Fortuna, Andy
Black Magic Woman Cha Cha 3:40 Fortuna, Andy
Gunjira (Remix) Cha Cha 3:35 Fortuna, Andy
Amor Cha Cha Fortuna, Andy
As If Cha Cha 4:15 Fortuna, Andy
Sophia Cha Cha Fortuna, Andy
Dance With Me Cha Cha 3:55 Fortuna, Andy
Carazon Espanado Cha Cha 3:40 Fortuna, Andy
Music (Remix) Cha Cha Fortuna, Andy
Volver a Verte Cha Cha 4:00 Fortuna, Andy
Muher Cha Cha 30 Fortuna, Andy Yes
New Cha Cha Cha Cha 29 Fortuna, Andy Yes
Rhythm Track Cha Cha 28 Fortuna, Andy Yes

Andy Fortuna Productions
P.O. Box 275, Haddon Heights, NJ 08035
Fax: 609-546-5282

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