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Start@ArtistInstr.Suggested By(:Rating)
Tormento De Amor Bolero 21 Morelo, Marcela
Bohemio Enamorado Bolero 22 Poveda, Donato
Estas En Mi Corazon Bolero 22 Midon
Nuestro Amor Bolero 23 Christian
Que Quieres Tu De Mi Bolero 23 Midon
Losing Your Way In the Rain Rumba 24 Schwarzhaupt, S
Bali Hai Rumba 24 Church, Charlotte
One More Time Rumba 24 Kenny G
Voy a Quitarme El Anillo Rumba 25 Giselle
GNL 6/10
Espana Cani Paso Doble 59 Orchestra La Roda
Sharp Dressed Man West Coast Swing 32 8 1/2 Souvenirs
Big Fun 
East Coast Swing 38 Manilow, Barry
JD 3.8/4 Steady shuffle beat, nice vocal, big band. (Good slow Jive)
GNL 9/10
Who Threw the Whiskey in the Well Jive 43 Poindexter, Buster
Get Your Kicks On Route 66! Jive 43 Brood, Herman
Lost For Words Jive 43 Crescent City Maulers
I Love To Love the Ladies Jive 43 Dino Martinis
Jumptown Jive 43 Lucky, Steve/the Rhumba Bums
Two Heads Jive 43 Senti-Mentals
Mambo No. Sex (Radio Edit) Jive 43 E-Rotic
GNL 6/10 Novelty
Sin Un Beso Samba 48 Moreno, Marcela
Festa Do Boi Bumba Samba 49 Carrapicho
Buen Dia Samba 50 Morelo, Marcela
El Ritmo Hafanana Samba 50 Monkey Circus
Bandolero Samba 0:00 50 Los Del Rio
Que El Ritmo No Pare Samba 50 Manterola, Marcela
Que Llueva Pa'rriba Samba 51 Pires, Alexandre
La Fureza Del Engano Samba 51 Morelo, Marcela
El Chupacapra Samba 51 El Cubano
Samba Samba 51 El General
Sway Cha Cha 25 Clooney, Rosemary
Represent Cuba Cha Cha 25 Los Lobos
Corazon De Melon Cha Cha 27 Clooney, Rosemary
Whatever Lola Wants Cha Cha 29 Reese, Della
JD 2.5/4 Another from the '60s album. Slinky sultry vocal
GNL 5/10
A Gozar Timbro Cha Cha 29 Puente, Tito
Daddy Cha Cha 30 Reese, Della
JD 4/4 Great recording from the '60s
GNL 10/10
Hace Tanta Calor Cha Cha 31 Los Manolos
GNL 7/10
Santa Isabek De Las Lajas Cha Cha 31 Moré, Benny
Salsa Cha Cha 31 Manterola, Patricia
Dance With Me 
Cha Cha 31 Bolton, Michael
GNL 9/10
Ponte a Bricar Cha Cha 31 Ponce, Machito
Tell Me You Tell Me Cha Cha 31 Manterola, Patricia

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