Most Beautiful Songs 2000 for dancing - Friedmann, Vio
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2000 (CD) VIO 1026
Start@ArtistInstr.Suggested By(:Rating)
Prayer mp3
Waltz 3:44 29 Friedmann, Vio
Written In the Stars mp3
Waltz 3:00 29 Friedmann, Vio
I Need To Know mp3
Tango 2:32 33 Friedmann, Vio
When You Say Nothing At All mp3
Viennese Waltz 3:21 58 Friedmann, Vio
I Was Born To Make You Happy mp3
Slow Foxtrot 3:32 29 Friedmann, Vio
Trashin' the Camp mp3
Quickstep 3:19 51 Friedmann, Vio
Waiting For Tonight mp3
Disco Foxtrot 3:57 30 Friedmann, Vio
Africa Bamba mp3
Samba 3:15 51 Friedmann, Vio
Show Me a Meaning ... mp3
Cha Cha 3:10 26 Friedmann, Vio
Sittin' Down Here mp3
Cha Cha 3:36 30 Friedmann, Vio
I Knew I Loved You mp3
Rumba 3:01 24 Friedmann, Vio
You'll Be In My Heart mp3
Rumba 3:41 25 Friedmann, Vio
Strangers Like Me mp3
Paso Doble 2:00 62 Friedmann, Vio
They Can't Take That Away mp3
Jive 1:54 41 Friedmann, Vio

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