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1995 (CD) CD HR 95 12 03
Start@ArtistInstr.Suggested By(:Rating)
If You Don't Know Me By Now Waltz 29 Hallen, Klaus
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes Waltz 29 Hallen, Klaus
Happy Together Tango 33 Hallen, Klaus
To Know Him Is to Love Him Viennese Waltz 60 Hallen, Klaus
Only You Slow Foxtrot 29 Hallen, Klaus
Close to You Real Audio
Slow Foxtrot 29 Hallen, Klaus
Top Of the World Quickstep 52 Hallen, Klaus
GNL 7/10
Ruby Don't Take Your Love Samba 52 Hallen, Klaus
Stand By Me Cha Cha 32 Hallen, Klaus
Sugar, Sugar Cha Cha 32 Hallen, Klaus
Monday, Monday Rumba 26 Hallen, Klaus
When A Man Loves A Woman Rumba 26 Hallen, Klaus
Silence is Golden Rumba 26 Hallen, Klaus
Apache Paso Doble 62 Hallen, Klaus
C'm on Everybody Jive 44 Hallen, Klaus
I'm A Believer Jive 44 Hallen, Klaus

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