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1998 (CD) SAT 1012
Start@ArtistInstr.Suggested By(:Rating)
Affirmation Samba 50 Dancelife
GNL 6/10
Astrud Samba 50 Dancelife
GNL 8/10
La Cumbia Samba 50 Dancelife
GNL 8/10
Mercedes Benz Samba 50 Dancelife
Cuban Pete Samba 52 Dancelife
Spooky's Day Off Cha Cha 32 Dancelife
GNL 5/10
Madonna Medley Cha Cha 31 Dancelife
GNL 4/10
Say You';; Be Mine Cha Cha 31 Dancelife
It's So Easy Cha Cha 31 Dancelife
When Will I See You Again Cha Cha 31 Dancelife
GNL 5/10
Goldfinger Rumba 26 Dancelife
GNL 5/10
You've Got a Friend Rumba 25 Dancelife
GNL 7/10
Best Of My Love Rumba 26 Dancelife
Sign Your Name Rumba 27 Dancelife
Loving You Rumba 26 Dancelife
GNL 8/10
Paso Cordoba Paso Doble 60 Dancelife
GNL 4/10
On Her Majesty's Secret Service Paso Doble 60 Dancelife
Thunderbird's Theme Paso Doble 61 Dancelife
Don Juan Paso Doble 61 Dancelife
GNL 6/10
Espana Cani Paso Doble 60 Dancelife
GNL 3/10
Knock On Wood East Coast Swing 26 Dancelife
Heatwave Jive 40 Dancelife
Frankie Jive 42 Dancelife
What I Like About You Jive 43 Dancelife
Hawaii Five-O Jive 44 Dancelife
GNL 7/10

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