Viennese Waltz - Various
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2001 (CD) CDPM 001103
Start@ArtistInstr.Suggested By(:Rating)
Most Beatiful Girl Viennese Waltz 2:37 60 Douglas, Peter
Mal Des Amores Viennese Waltz 2:36 60 Jansen, William
Under the Bridges Of Paris Real Audio
Viennese Waltz 2:40 60 Goldberg, Gaby
GNL 7/10
Watching the World Go By Real Audio
Viennese Waltz 2:21 60 Douglas, Peter
Que Sera Sera Real Audio
Viennese Waltz 2:03 60 Hallen, Klaus
GNL 7/10
Kelly Dolly and Me Real Audio
Viennese Waltz 2:25 60 Miller, Keith
Boom Bang A Bang Real Audio
Viennese Waltz 2:24 60 Hallen, Klaus
BS  cheerful Viennese Waltz
GNL 8/10
Senza Fine Viennese Waltz 2:40 60 Hallen, Klaus
GNL 6/10
Carousel Waltz Viennese Waltz 3:09 60 Various
Time To Say Goodbye Viennese Waltz 3:33 60 Hallen, Klaus
Caribean Blue Real Audio
Viennese Waltz 2:58 60 Hallen, Klaus
GNL 7/10
Love Me For What I Am Real Audio
Viennese Waltz 2:12 60 Goldberg, Gaby
GNL 5/10
Mr. Bojangles Viennese Waltz 3:13 60 Klinkhammer, Joachim
GNL 3/10
I Have Nothing Viennese Waltz 4:12 60 Streza, Claudia
Hijo de la Luna Real Audio
Viennese Waltz 4:22 60/57.3 Lerch, Anja
GNL 9/10 Beautiful song.
Every Day Of My Life Real Audio
Viennese Waltz 4:01 60 Masbaum, Kiko
Na Na Na Viennese Waltz 3:57 60 Hallen, Klaus
Nomansland Viennese Waltz 2:47 60 Lerch, Anja
Little Susie mp3
Viennese Waltz 2:23 58 Delano, Dennis
GNL  Great melody, morbid lyrics
You're My No. 1 Real Audio
Viennese Waltz 3:49 56 Jansen, William
Hochzeitsmarsch Viennese Waltz 2:17 56 Hallen, Klaus

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