World Championship Ballroom Dances - Loss, Joe

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(CD) CD-DL 1146
Start@ArtistInstr.Suggested By(:Rating)
Dream Slow Foxtrot 3:20 Loss, Joe
I Only Have Eyes For You Slow Foxtrot 2:40 Loss, Joe
Jealousy Tango 3:16 Loss, Joe
Singin' In the Rain Quickstep 2:22 Loss, Joe
We Make the Music Quickstep 2:30 Loss, Joe
Toreando Paso Doble 1:59 Loss, Joe
GNL 8/10
Fascination Waltz 2:54 Loss, Joe
Can't Help Falling In Love Waltz 2:48 Loss, Joe
Brazil Samba 3:11 Loss, Joe
GNL 7/10
Something Tells Me Cha Cha 2:23 Loss, Joe
Mama Mia Cha Cha 2:48 Loss, Joe
Cavatina Rumba 3:01 Loss, Joe
Forever And Ever Rumba 2:39 Loss, Joe
A Waltz Is For Dancing Viennese Waltz 2:41 Loss, Joe
Save Your Kisses For Me Quickstep 2:49 Loss, Joe
Let's Keep Dancing Quickstep 2:28 Loss, Joe
Woman in Love Slow Foxtrot 3:11 Loss, Joe
Tango D'Amore Tango 3:17 Loss, Joe
Wheels Cha Cha 2:08 Loss, Joe
I Love To Love Samba 2:47 Loss, Joe
Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue Slow Foxtrot 2:57 Loss, Joe
Till Slow Foxtrot 2:46 Loss, Joe
Don't Cry For Me Argentina Tango 2:43 Loss, Joe
Sunrise, Sunset Waltz 2:19 Loss, Joe
Mull Of Kintyre Waltz 3:10 Loss, Joe
Spanish Gipsy Dance Paso Doble 2:33 Loss, Joe
GNL 9/10
Fernando Cha Cha 2:16 Loss, Joe
Tea For Two Cha Cha 2:53 Loss, Joe
Copacabana Samba 2:21 Loss, Joe
Rivers Of Babylon Rumba 3:39 Loss, Joe
Guantanamera Rumba 2:27 Loss, Joe
Is This the Way To Amarillo Jive 2:50 Loss, Joe
(What's Happened To) Broadway Quickstep 2:27 Loss, Joe
I'd Lile To Teah the World To Sing Quickstep 3:46 Loss, Joe
My Resistance Is Low Viennese Waltz 2:33 Loss, Joe
GNL 7/10
How Deep Is Your Love Cha Cha 2:43 Loss, Joe
Summer Nights Cha Cha 2:39 Loss, Joe
Nobody Does it Better Slow Foxtrot 2:37 Loss, Joe
March Of the Matadors Paso Doble 2:16 Loss, Joe
Blue Danube, The Viennese Waltz 2:27 60 Loss, Joe
For All We Know Rumba 3:21 Loss, Joe

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