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This is my list of albums that I consider good buys, either because the album has an above average number of danceable tracks, or because the album has an absolutely outstanding song on it.

This list is under construction (as I remember of songs/albums I'll append them to this page)

?Chartbreaker 3 audioCC,DF,ECS,FT,RU,SA,SF,TA,VW,WA
Bach, KristinaTango Mit FernandoTA
BasiaTime and Tide audioRU,SA,SF
Benson, George20/20SF
DancelifeDo You Remember This 2CC,ECS,JI,QS,RU,SA,SF,TA,VW,WA,WCS
DancelifeFeaturing BodaneCC,JI,PD,QS,RU,SA,SF,TA,VW,WA
DancelifeStraight Up!CC,ECS,JI,MA,QS,RU,SA,SF,TA,WA
DancelifeVery Best Part 1CC,ECS,JI,PD,QS,RU,SA,SF,TA,VW,WA
E-TypeBanca BancaCC
Fortuna, AndyLatin JamCC,JI,PD,RU,SA
Garner, LynnKeep the Circle Turning audioCC,JI,PD,QS,RU,SA,SF,TA,VW,WA
Garner, LynnStep Around the World audioCC,JI,PD,QS,RU,SA,SF,TA,VW,WA
Giants of LatinA Lo LatinoCC,MA,PD,RU,SA
Giants of LatinClub de LatinosCC,PD,RU,SA
Hallen, KlausStudio Danz 3 audioCC,JI,PD,QS,RU,SA,SF,TA,VW,WA
Hallen, KlausSwing & Dance audioQS,SF,TA,VW,WA
Hallen, KlausTango Collection audioTA
Hallen, KlausWiener Walzer Collection audioVW
Hallen, KlausWorld Hits audioCC,JI,QS,RU,SA,SF,TA,VW,WA
James, ColinColin James and the Little Big BandECS,JI,WCS
McGovern, MaureenMaureen McGovern Greatest HitsRU,WA
Mitchell, RossBest Of Dansan Years - Vol 2CC,JI,QS,RU,SA,SF,TA,WA
Mitchell, RossBest Of Dansan Years - Vol 3CC,JI,QS,RU,SA,SF,TA,WA
Mitchell, RossDance Fever audioCC,JI,PD,QS,RU,SA,SF,TA,VW,WA
Mitchell, RossRainbow Collection audioCC,JI,QS,RU,SA,SF,TA,WA
Mitchell, RossSweet Beat audioCC,JI,PD,QS,RU,SA,SF,TA,VW,WA
Powder BluesGreatest HitsJI
Prandi SoundsSapiel 3CC,JI,PD,RU,SA,SF,TA,WA
Premium StandardBallroom MagicQS,SF,TA,VW,WA
Premium StandardBallroom SwingAT,QS,SF,TA,VW,WA
Secret GardenOnce In a Red Moon audioWA
tarkantarkan audioSA
VariousBallroom Classics 1QS,SF,TA,VW,WA
VariousBest Of Ballroom Music 1QS,SF,TA,VW,WA
VariousBest Of Ballroom Music 10QS,SF,TA,VW,WA
VariousBest Of Rumba CollectionRU
VariousCafé ParadisoCC,JI,PD,RU,SA
VariousPais Tropical audioCC,JI,RU,SA
VariousRock, Rhythm, & BluesJI,WCS
VariousTodo Latino - The Best of Latin MusicCC,ECS,JI,PD,RU,SA

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