My Background
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This site is outgrowth of my love for ballroom dancing and its music.

I began my dancing career 1978 when I joined the UBC Dance Club. Soon after that I began entering various local dance competitions. In the early 80's I began dancing with Lorraine and over the years we won the BC Closed Championship a number of times (in both Standard and Latin (but not at the same time) and represented BC at the Canadian amateur championships a number of times as well. When Lorraine was forced to stop dancing due to a dance injury, I decided to take some time off from dancing. Instead I began doing the music at local competitions and at the parties at the Grand Ballroom a couple of nights a week.

Over the years I began building up my own music collection just so that I could create my own practice tapes. I  created a "simple" Oracle database to catalogue my music on my departments database server. About 8 months ago I decided to move the database to my PC so I decided to re-implement it in Access 97.

The database consists of a many-to-many relationship linking albums to tracks to allow for one track to appear on multiple albums. There are also an absurd amount of secondary tables to track the "mundane" details. In total there are 14 tables.
There are a couple of design "flaws" in the database. It can't handle different version of the same song/artist/rhythm and it doesn't deal well with different rhythms for the same track on an album.

The front end of my web site is managed by FrontPage 98 while the raw data pages are created by VBA code running in Access 97 since Access 97 is pretty stupid about creating html files (the image model assumes a physical printer and generating multiple pages for one report doesn't really make sense on the web, oh well).

Copyright 2005 by George Lindholm
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