Dancing With Time - Mitchell, Ross
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2000 (CD) DLD 1093
Start@ArtistInstr.Suggested By(:Rating)
Dancin' Fool Quickstep 50 Mitchell, Ross
GNL 8/10
Time To Dance Quickstep 50 Mitchell, Ross
Telling Time Waltz 30 Mitchell, Ross
Pictures Of Summer Waltz 30 Mitchell, Ross
I Got Rhythm Slow Foxtrot 30/30 Mitchell, Ross
In London Town Slow Foxtrot 30 Mitchell, Ross
Tres Hombres Paraglidos Tango 33 Mitchell, Ross
Les Bouffons De Montmarte Viennese Waltz 58 Mitchell, Ross
GNL 7/10
She's a Lady Cha Cha 30/30 Mitchell, Ross
GNL 7/10
Smooth Cha Cha 30/30 Mitchell, Ross
GNL 8/10
Begin the Beguine Samba 50 Mitchell, Ross
Calypso Caribe Samba 50 Mitchell, Ross
Never My Love Rumba 27 Mitchell, Ross
Groovin' Rumba 27 Mitchell, Ross
El Conquistador Paso Doble 60 Mitchell, Ross
See You Later, Alligator/Shake Rattle and Roll/Razzle Dazzle East Coast Swing 38 Mitchell, Ross
Jump Jive An' Wail Jive 44/44 Mitchell, Ross
GNL 8/10

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