Tauber, Werner
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Tauber, WernerBittet Zum TanzCC,JI,PD,QS,RU,SA,SF,VW,WA
Tauber, WernerDancing To the MoviesCC,JI,PD,QS,RU,SA,SF,TA,VW,WA
Tauber, WernerDarf Ich Bitten? Vol. 2CC,ECS,JI,PD,QS,RU,SA,SF,TA,VW,WA
Tauber, WernerLatein CollectionJI
Tauber, WernerModern CollectionQS,SF,TA,VW,WA
Tauber, WernerMusicalsCC,ECS,FT,JI,QS,RU,SA,SF,TA,VW,WA
Tauber, WernerTanz In Die 90erAT,CC,JI,MA,PD,QS,RU,SA,SF,TA,VW,WA
Tauber, WernerTanzen 91CC,JI,MA,PD,QS,RU,SA,SF,TA,VW,WA,WCS
Tauber, WernerWeltmelodien im strikten TanzrhythmusCC,JI,PD,QS,RU,SA,SF,TA,VW,WA
Tauber, WernerWeltmelodien Im Strikten TanzrhythmusCC,JI,PD,QS,RU,SA,SF,TA,VW,WA
Tauber, WernerWerner Tauber's feat. Linda FieldsCC,JI,QS,RU,SA,SF,TA,VW,WA
Tauber, WernerWerner Tauber's Swinging World J StraussQS,VW
Tauber, WernerWerner Tauber's Swinging World Vol.2CC,JI,PD,QS,RU,SA,SF,TA,VW,WA
Tauber, WernerWerner Tauber's Swinging World Vol.3CC,JI,PD,QS,RU,SA,SF,SL,TA,VW,WA
Tauber, WernerWerner Tauber's Swinging World Vol.4CC,RU
Tauber, WernerWerner Tauber's Swinging World Vol.6CC,DF,JI,PD,QS,RU,SA,SF,TA,VW,WA
Various25 Ans De Danse Vol.1CC,ECS,MA,PD,RU,SA,SF,TA,VW,WA
VariousBallroom Classics 1newQS,SF,TA,VW,WA
VariousPro Dance Vol.2 audioECS,JI,MA,QS,RU,SA,SF,TA,VW,WA,WCS
VariousRed Rose Dance Collection Vol. 4VW,WA
VariousWorld Of RumbaCC,RU

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