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Update: I'm currently migrating my website to a new server so there may be a few hickups during the process. I'll try to resolve the problems as soon as possible.


Welcome to my Ballroom Dance Music web site. Here you'll find all the information I've collected over the years regarding ballroom dance music (both "strict" and "non-strict"). The information gathered here comes from my own experience as a competitor and from attending various completions, from various suppliers, and from articles in The ratings/comments on various songs are my own and that of others (primarily that of Jay Dusenbury from his lists posted several years ago). Due to my own dancing experience, the information is oriented towards International Standard and Latin so you may not always agree with my classification/ratings of various tracks :-)

I wish to thank Andy Fortuna, Ballroom Blitz Music, Dance & Listen, and Pro Media Musik for giving me permission to make audio samples of their albums available on my site (just follow the animated audio icon).

Disclaimer. The information provided on these pages reflect my own opinion and that of other people around the world. If you do decide to purchase a album based on what you found here, make sure that you listen to it first. Your opinion may vary (do let me know in that case so that I can add your opinion). I am not responsible for any purchases that you make based on information found on my site. So there :-)

Any typos or incorrect information that you come across can probably be blamed on me.

I hope you will find what you are looking for.


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